Nadia Murads Nobel Peace Prize is the triumph of peace over religious extremism

Nabil Samara

2019 / 2 / 10

What is happening in Mosul is the destruction and killing by an organization that can not be forgotten, especially after the killing and killing of the Yazidis on the grounds that they are not Muslims, so he called for taking fatwas that they believe It is from the Prophetic Sunan and therefore they have a firm conviction that their killing of Christians and Yezidis is halal in God s belief.

If we look at the developed countries, we will see that their people do not believe in the racial discrimination of any individual, regardless of nationality. Yesterday, the world celebrated the coronation of Nadia Murad, one of the victims of terrorist terrorism, with the Nobel Peace Prize, promising them that peace and freedom are more precious than any religious extremism. This culmination is a true victory for peace.

Who is Nadia?

Murad is one of the victims of the organization calling the terrorist who took him as a merchant after he managed to occupy its area and killed its people in the village, including her mother and six of her brothers, but after a while managed to escape from Daash and arrived in a safe place and then deported to Germany to be treated there from harm Physical and psychological
Who was subjected to sexual harassment, violence and all forms of abuse. After a period of television interviews and diplomatic meetings, she met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and appeared in various media outlets in Egypt. Including the Cairo channel with Amr Adib and Al-Baghdadiya channel with Anwar Al-Hamdani in Studio 9 program and the story of her kidnapping by the organization there. She also met with the President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos accompanied by Awn Hussein Al-Khashluk -dir-ector of Al-Baghdadiya channel. In January 2016 Nadia Murad was nominated for the Nobel Prize Lam as it became a symbol of the oppression of the Yazidis and the people in general by the organization of the preacher of the terrorist. In addition to her humanitarian mission, which includes the demand for the liberation of Azadean abductors in advocating and protecting the rights of women and children around the world, Nadia Murad also visited the Netherlands, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. It is also considered in the hierarchy of candidates and candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize and was crowned with this award

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