Middle East-The mess of history

Abdelgawad Sayed

2019 / 2 / 5

Middle East- The mess of history
Middle East is a mess of history, a complicated mixture of religion and nationalism. Contrary to popular belief that middle East conflicts arise from the world war 1 arrangements, forced by the victorious superpowers, mainly Britain and France, in Sykes-Picot agreement 1916, that reshaped falling Othman Empire territories, regardless of its ethnic and religious formation, the cause of Middle East conflicts lies far in its ancient history.
Either Sykes-Picot was more carefulī-or-not, there would be no peace in the Middle East after Othman Empire dismemberment, as deepened primitive religious and national forces would come out to conflict any way. It is not possible that a region that invented the most warring religions in history, Judaism , Christianity and Islam , and some of the most warring nations , Persian , Arab and Turkish , could easily live in peace without a long and tiresome process of enlightenment.
The eruption of these forces was only delayed by the colonial rule which imposed European values and organizations for a while but -dir-ect after its withdrawal the Middle Eastern came face to face and fought and the old dictatorial regimes with their aggressive national and religious discourse prevailed.
Some other factors may have pushed these deepened primitive forces forward such as the unsolved conflict between west and east Jerusalem, the Israeli -Palestinian case, the discovery of oil and the wealth and confidence brought to a former colonized region looking for assertiveness, absence of any modern influential and successful state, but the fact remains that Middle East can,t get away with this mess without having its own enlightenment , digging hard into its history and eliminate these primitive and mythological forces that control its modern age. Man made religion and sectarian nationalism.
Abdelgawad Sayed

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