New year celebration and a new world

Abdelgawad Sayed

2019 / 1 / 4

New year celebration and a new world
Most countries adopt The Gregorian calendar which is essentially religious, ending with the new year celebration when Jesus got named and circumcised at first January , however, it is not any more religious, new year celebration is becoming , more and more , a feature of one new secular world. There is no need to ask how and why it happened, what matters that it became a reality and we finally have the same day of joy and celebration.
It is evident that in this day we do not have to pray, but we have to meet family and friends, have a drink , watch TVī-or-go outside, it is not any more religious, it is clear, a day of joy and unity.
Unity is another feature of Gregorian new year celebration, which might be the most important. All civilizations have its own new year celebrations and all clash and fight all along, politically, economically and so on, except at this day and this night when they all stop, celebrate and having fireworks display in one new secular evolving world.
Happy new year.

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