An Allegory about a City.. كناية عن مدينة

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2023 / 9 / 30

كناية عن مدينة:
An Allegory about a City..

A prose-poem by: Awatef Mahjoub
Translated from the Arabic by: Hikmet Elhaj

After chasing away stray dogs, I sit with her in the city and have coffee
For the occasion, she will wear a dress with a large open back, a dam that
quenches thirst, a shelter for trees whenever the sky lies
Do not be angry with those who see you with her and call her a whore
They curse all the women and the city does not distance suspicion from her
She chuckles with people who have passed, flirts with those who remain, and
seduces passersby
The accusation of settled cities is that she is a prostitute who robs anyone who
The city is not geographical it is larger than any map
Spaces dyed with forgotten details and others that are unforgettable
A blend of coffee, dreams, and hallucinations
A beggar wanders around her, holding her with his wounded hand
A coincidence for the coming summer.

Tunis, September 2023

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