The Islamic bondage

Abdelgawad Sayed
2019 / 5 / 5

It has became the same forcible choice everywhere in the Middle East , either we accept being enslaved by political Islam´-or-to surrender to a military ruler, a less degree of servitude. The misery of the Middle East is that most people want freedom and democracy like other parts of the modern world, but they could not do it , as political Islam, being the most able to organize masses , will always win over .
Last month Abdelfatah Alsisi of Egypt canceled the democratic constitution of January/June revolution and collected all power in his hands with no-limit-ed tenure using the plea, me´-or-Muslim Brotherhood terror. Nowadays The same story is rising in Libya, where Libyans find no other way to free their country from Islamic Militias except by Hafter military intervention. Sudan and Algeria might end in the same fate, if they fail to establish a strong civilian unity, and be ready for a long fight against military and Islamic parties.
No doubt Middle East is having Islamic problem, because even if we can possibly defeat Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist will come out to replace them, and if we defeat Salafist, another Islamic party will come out and confuses the political scene , and so on , in a Sisyphus course of human misery. Islam is the secret of the Middle East misery , as political religion forced by sword, and by nomadic tribes immigration , with violent culture and Hebrew mythological lies rooted in it , Islam heavily disturbed the natural development of Middle east history.
As a matter of fact , it is a comprehensive civilizational challenge that the Middle East is facing, not only political , as the bondage of Islam must be broken before we can go to the future. However the challenge is not impossible, it has been done before by our neighbors the European , when they were able, after a long fight, to break their Christian bondage and got rationality and freedom.

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