We can do more to bring Moslems back to life…

Ahmed Amin Nasr
2019 / 2 / 28

We can do more to bring Moslems back to life…

Alas, Fair is foul and fouls is fair: the red carpet everywhere from Egypt, Argentina to Pakistan, hovering through the fog and filthy air as his ultimate accolade. They killed Khashoggi midday, made sure whole world is watching them and following each step in their plot and hence, achieved greatest publicity for their ugly deed.
They could have killed him while he was in his bed, walking in the street,´-or-sitting on his desk. But, no, they wanted to kill us, millions other than him…fear in our hearts, and control Moslem masses of writers, intellectuals and seekers of truth´-or-change.
A hell of a heinous premeditated, state-orchestrated crime, however, they prove capable of paying its price and covering up their traces, so it seems, so far. Unfortunately, it is a system that systematically eliminate their opponents, distribute their ignorance, spread radicalisation and manipulate the whole Islamic population.

We noticed the honourable position of the Washington Post in its war against Khashoggi’s killers, however, we regret narrowing its target towards MBS and his associates, and its motives towards only JK killing and forgetting hundreds of other victims. It is a continuous brutal killing process committed by the whole system, and MBS is but this system representative. Let’s all tackle the system head on to rid Islamic world of its negative and toxic bearings. Of course MBS must be brought to account for his felony, and be made example for all dictators. Hopefully, we could widen our scope to look for answers to Moslems’ bigger problem.

Islamic world currently constitutes, no doubt, the sick man of the world. Repressive regimes have a vested interest in escalating and maintaining the status quo. World humanistic support would prove crucially imperative for recuperation. Let’s hope we all can offer help rather than mercy killing, nation building rather than social destruction, improvement rather than deterioration and maintaining their right faith rather than undermining their principles. After all, our world would be safer with recovering Islamic world rather than an injured one.

As one believes in God and his messenger Mohammed, there are four commitments to be fulfilled namely-;- prayers, charity, fasting and pilgrimage. All are orderly connected to universal phenomenon of time as stated in Quran and many Prophet’s sayings.

Prayer which is main primary commitment is regularly performed five times a day.
Each prayer is given a certain prescribed time according to the Earth movements in relation to Sun, producing day and night, shade and light. With sophisticated city dwellings and living as well as working away from open spaces, one can expect great difficulty in arranging prayers with certainties.

World War I was the seminal moment when the wristwatch became both a strategic military tool and a manly fashion accessory. During that time, majority of Islamic and Arabic worlds were -dir-ectly´-or-in-dir-ectly controlled by international major powers, which made it possible for Moslems to happily accept it as a means of identifying calculated prayer times, without a shred of doubt´-or-a measure of recordable resistance. After all, it was zenith time of Islamic Modernism, sometimes called Neo-Mu’tazilism after the medieval Islamic school of theology based on rationalism, Muʿ-;-tazila.

Quest for cheap oil, continuing WWII in a cold way, and finally bringing down the Soviet -union- were regionally arranged through inventing, befriending and maintaining ultra-conservative Moslem governments with radical Salafism, Wahabbism…, at their back.
After all, Liberal Pan-Islamism was, then logically entwined with liberation movements resisting European colonialism across Moslem world.

As the growing radical Islam realised Moslem logic way of knowing prayer times, relying on scientific calculations using-;- location latitude and longitude, local time zone, equation of time and declination of the Sun for a given date through special algorithm, they looked at their hands, noticed their wristwatches, hence couldn’t say anything against. However, they managed to get different prayer timetables based on conflicting silly interpretations of traditional teachings, with only few minutes difference between such tables. They exploited people’s ignorance and committed rape of logic thinking and popularised these prayer times as their own.
However, when it came to the other three secondary commitments, that rely on moon phases, Wahabbis hijacked the whole Moslem world and extended their stupid interpretation of Islamic teachings preventing accurate scientific calculations to be adopted. It is intriguing to know that "Ramadan start date" is one of the most-searched phrases every single year. More so, Google, rightly, has to answer with a little disclaimer that says "Dates may vary”. They made us a laughing stock just to maintain their hegemony on Moslems and potentiate pseudo supremacy of the Custodian of the two holly mosques. They unfairly, popularised and insisted on local physical sighting of the moon to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Ultimately it is always a Saudi sighting, therefore they majorly have the upper hand to decide for Ramadan and Pilgrimage time every year. Unfortunately, this resulted in them leading the whole Moslem world towards more ignorance and extra radicalism.

The way out is to save the Moslem world from this backward power through challenging their authority. Simply it is reimplanting and popularising science to take the Moslem masses away from false myths and liberate them from radical´-or-non-radical clerical hegemony , tribal influence and governmental dominance.

We need a system that allows a smart phone users to witness in-dir-ectly local sun positions on the horizon on one side, and local moon positions and phases on the other side, through a global positioning system GPS and kind of “lunar positioning system LPS” which could be collectively called “solar positioning system, SPS”.
Added to the network of 24 satellites that circle the earth in precisely tracked orbits for GPS, we can double´-or-triple the four satellites around moon. Besides, there are already different projects working that could be extended to cover these objectives-;- Lunar Laser Ranging experiment, Satellite laser ranging, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and THEMIS. It is a kind of an online application for lunar calendar based on determining position of mobile phone user, position of Earth, Moon and Sun, using all the above-mentioned systems. It allows watching any required moon phase as it happens and facilitates exact determining of multiple of different religious festivals as Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali…

Funding for this project shouldn’t not a problem at all, as many wealthy states, organisations and individuals are there, ready, waiting to shake Washabbis and Saudis off people’s life. Besides, extending such projects would enrich scientific societies for the common goods. Getting commitment of the scientific community could be the only hurdle as they need to be convinced such project is doable.

With this project launched, and the Moslem individuals capable of knowing presence of certain equations behind prayer times and observing sun positions five times a day, watching birth of the moon on their smart phones every month, twelve times a year, self-announcing lunar beginning of Ramadan and exact date of Pilgrimage, Saudis and their Wahabbis would be caught with their trousers down as they loose their soft power on majority of innocent Moslems. Eventually, they will loose sympathy of Moslem populations as they start resisting and fighting the new system showing their hypocrisy. Besides, moon sighting is a unifying project, being essential and undisputed Islamic duty.

This project would spearhead a wider Science-For-Moslems project that could be co--dir-ected by world intellectuals , preferably Moslems, interested in maintaining social fabrics and nation-building across Moslem world. Its ultimate goal is putting science back to its normal position in Islamic life, bringing back Moslems to their constructive duties towards humanity.

Every interested Moslem in the western world could start scientific bridge, link, line, letter, competitions, prizes, conferences, inter-school communications, online schooling …towards counterpart Moslems in Islamic world.
Astronomy, mathematics, and physics are three main starters with historical Islamic roots, which could link the two worlds and return science back to the heart of Islamic life.
If truly, "Democracy Dies in Darkness”, then lead light on, carry the beacon to dismantle corruption, raise free words in the face of dullness, spread wisdom to demolish kingdoms of ignorance and repressive power. May our people and the whole world live in peace, logic and compassion.

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