Be Like a Bee

Freeyad Ibrahim
2017 / 12 / 10

Be Like a Bee
By: Freyad Hugo
“Do good an throw it into water”
That is what good men say
Do good and wait not for thankgiving
Do good with pleasure anyway
If you do others good
You are doning yourself good
The good conscience is that you
See the face of the poor and hungry,
whenver you sit at your eating table.
The world is not(I)
It is (WE)
Do good like the bee
giveing and asking for none
for the labour done
Be good like a bee
Even when it stings, it stings and dies
And it stings only when in danger
Don’t you see?
Stinging for some humans is hobby
Be in the world like a bee
When it eats, it eats pure
When it feeds, it feeds pure
If it lands on a flower
At any hour
It does not break it,
Nor does it scratch it
Freyad Hugo

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