Blood in Wedding Time

Freeyad Ibrahim
2017 / 2 / 12

Blood in Wedding Time

By : Freeyad Ibrahim

Labied had married to Nawaar who possessed a reasonable beauty and charming . Furthermore she was a pious and faithful Muslim, performed prayers and other Islamic rites. And she wore decently legs , face and hair were utterly covered .
The night she was transferred by him to his house and when it was time to deal with her as his wife he could see no blood by penetrating.
So Labied judged on her that she was not virgin and sent her immediately back to her family where her brother slaughtered her like a sheep.
However the postmortem showed that she was undoubtedly virgin but her virginity veil was flexible and got enough elasticity that it stretched out and pushed back unharmed during the penetration- process.
When her brother heard about the news he regretted it so much that he committed suicide, stabbed himself with the same knife with which he had slain his sister.
And Labied had thereafter married anew with a charming girl whose name was Fatin, a name which means( charming) in Arabic.
That despite the fact that Fatin was not a conservative type of girls and therefore could not match the tradition of the bridegroom’s family who objected firmly to the marriage but in no vain.
The day previous to the wedding when the family and relatives were busy preparing for the feast day waiting the bridegroom to take her to his house , just then she went out and walked to the local market unnoticed and bought a chicken and took it to the barren fields about her neighborhood.
At night he pulled her as magnets do gratify metals.
In the dark of the night while he lay upon her she stretched her hand and inserted it underneath the folds of her baggy white clothing. Fishing out a tiny jar she splattered the contents on the cleanly washed rag his mother had lain under them on bed previously.
At dawn Labied showed the red stained rag to his mother bragging, lifting his nose full pride. At once his mother burst into ceaseless trill shouts ( halahil & zagareed) cheering and applauding the great event. She could not help but exchange looks of gratitude and gladness with the bride – couple. Neither she could hide her admiration while gazing at the red spots on the spotty linin commenting:
What fine is the blood of chastity, virginity and purity. I have never seen blood so fine like that.”
Just then Fatin murmured to herself in an unheard voice:
“ Have you never seen the chicken’s blood, my mother-in-law?!”

Freeyad Ibrahim
((Kurdish English writer, poet, translator, political analyst, essayist, & novelist)

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