Human rights and the plight of Palestine

2016 / 12 / 11

Human rights and the plight of Palestine
samir shaba
Today is the biggest day for human rights. December 10th. International Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 68. The Nobel Peace Prize will be bestowedĄ Human rights and the plight of Palestine
In the same year pass plight of Palestine, known to all (historically since May 15, 1948, he was the founding of Israel and Nozh nearly million Palestinians from their land a date!-limit- today and since 68 years is not a solution for displaced people´-or-the Palestinian refugees, in the same year was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Could it be that we wait another 68 years for the international community and apply even if 10% of its human rights? will we see´-or-we see today granted the leaders of the Balfour Declaration, the Nobel peace Prize? peace of 68 years did not happen and began the second generation with extinction
We demand that accompanies it has practical application for every UN resolution

It s Human Rights Day
Let s celebrate with action

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