Itís War between Yes &No

Freeyad Ibrahim
2016 / 12 / 5

Itís War between Yes &No
By Freeyad Ibrahim
If (I) draw a circle around (me). And (you)draw a circle around(you), then (I) am (us), and (you) are (them), and so we use (all) our strength and skill, and ingenuity and resources, to (kill) each other. If (we) draw a circle around both of (us), then(we)are brothers, and there is only (us).
In fact, all wars and refugee crisis are basically caused by the two major mights: US &Russia. Every NO from one side is countered by a big YES from the other side, and the peoples on the whole globe are torn between the mighty YES and the mighty NO. Thatís why disasters continue , bloodshed, no bread, dead. Both natural death and man-made death. Time the ĎNOís and the ĎYESís unify.
(I) to be replaced by (WE), and (HIS) by (OURS). Say to the WARS just then
for good, good bye.
*(Ph.d Freeyad Ibrahim: is a Dutch , secular writer, author-novelist, translator, poet, political analyst, and essayist.)

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