Muslims invade Europe by their Penises!

Freeyad Ibrahim
2016 / 10 / 27

Muslims invade Europe by their Penises!

By Freeyad Ibrahim

When Ahmed, the father heard the story he went mad, his son made love with a blond girl, illegally, unlawfully, haram, but later and after reconsidering he changed his mind, called his sinner-son to his own chamber and addressed his in this way:
Good Well done my kid, this time it was not much more charity than adultery. This time, your amorous adventure with the godís servant of the church was a sort of invasion, holly invasion, blessed intervention, you may call that. My dear son, know that there are different kinds of how to convince others to your belief: by sword, by catapult, by canons and sabers, muskets, hunt guns, spears...etc.. but this one of yours is unique. You conquered them by your own flesh. Hero. Bravo.

(Kurdish English writer, poet, translator, political analyst, essayist, & novelist)

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