Islam is for Desert Arabs only

Freeyad Ibrahim
2016 / 10 / 17

Islam is for Desert only

By Freeyad

It is an unjust doctrine

Islam came with prayers that must only be said in Arabic

Praying to Allah in another tongue is inacceptable

In other words

All none Arabic nations should learn Arabic because Allah understands only Arabic

Is Allah’s tongue Arabic

If he is Arabic why non- Arabic nations must worship an Arabic god

Isn’t he almighty

All -knower

A god that doesn’t understand all tongues is incomplete god

A god who doesn’t accept prayers in another tongue

is an Arabic god´-or-a chauvinistic god

In fact god needs no prayers in tongue

To belief in a good god the heart speaks not tongue

Freeyad Ibrahim
(Kurdish English writer, poet, translator, political analyst, essayist, & novelist)

October, 2016

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