Jews & Kurds

Freeyad Ibrahim
2016 / 10 / 2

Jews & Kurds

By Freeyad Ibrahim

The hatred Jews feel towards the world is due to the hatred the world feel towards them. They are featured comically as wicked Jewish villains , and physically repulsive -dir-ty Jews in the works of writers, the examples are so many. The y were killed and expelled by Muhammad, expelled from England for centuries, massacred by German tyrant, still threatened by the neighbors.

This humiliation made them unified and consequently strong .

Now they call Arabs the “Brothers of monkeys, God has disgraced you” . Exactly as Muhammad used to call them, and the Arabs dare not to open their mouths with a word.

The Kurds too, massacred, humiliated , expelled mocked at, replaced, taken as slave girls, but the humiliation made them weak , shattered, separated. Worse yet, they began to hate each other instead of hating who hates them. As if they have lost the senses to sense the danger. And, being foes to their own fellows, they accepted and accept humiliation.

He who accepts humiliation can easily be humiliated

No wound in a dead body can do any harm. ( Al- Mutanabbi)


Freeyad Ibrahim

(Kurdish writer, poet, translator, political analyst, essayist, & novelist)


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